Thursday, January 10, 2008

Keeping Days

Today Pippi was home sick from school (she's much better now, thank you) and she had finished all the books she'd gotten for Christmas (and she got quite a stack of books, I must say - you can actually find the list at The Edge of the Forest) so she was looking for something to read.

I had just the book. The Keeping Days by Norma Johnston. I first read the six-book series in high school, after being introduced to them by a friend. Since then I have managed to acquire all six books - not an easy feat, since I believe they are all out of print now.

But they are my comfort books. Books that I've read over and over again. And books I had a feeling Pippi would enjoy. But she always had so many books on her 'to read' list and I didn't want to force something on her. But now she started reading the first book and she loves it. And it's so much fun to hear her chuckle over something or have her ask me what's going to happen. (I won't tell her). And it's interesting the words she wonders about. What's a spat? (small fight), What's Jane Eyre? (an old romance book), what about Elsie Dinsmore? (old-time juvenile books). She's done a lot of reading, but some things still haven't come her way yet.

It's great to be able to share these books with her - my very own 'keeping day' to remember always.

In the meantime, Harry has been reading an old Brady Bunch novel we happened to have lying around. He had never paid any attention to it before, because he didn't know who the Brady Bunch was. But now that they've been watching season 1, he was interested. And he happily told me that this was book 9. I'm sure thinking I would go out and find him books one through eight. I had to tell him that I didn't think it was likely to find any of those books now. Brady Bunch novels written in 1970 are not something that you come across too often. He'll probably have to content himself the one we've got.

Happy reading everyone.


Becky said...

My daughter read about The Brady Bunch in a recent American Girl catalogue -- I gather the most recent doll is from the 70s (gak, my childhood is now history already!) -- and now she's intrigued.

I don't remember ever seeing a BB book, but I'll keep my eyes open from now for you :). And I'll have to check that Keeping Days link, too...

Christine M said...

Isn't it weird seeing our childhood as history! But it is. My kids are loving the Brady Bunch on DVD. And I don't have to worry about inappropriate content.

They're almost done watching season 1 - and my daughter got season 2 today for her birthday!

And please - try to find the Keeping Days books - they're great!

Corina said...

I came across your blog as I was searching for the Keeping Days series. You said you had all 6 books. Is it possible for you to tell me the names of the books. I only have the first two. 1) Keeping Days 2) Glory in the Flower.
Thank you

Christine M said...

The six books in the Keeping Days series are:
The Keeping Days
Glory in the Flower
The Sanctuary Tree
A Mustard Seed of Magic
A Nice Girl Like You
Myself and I

I hope you find the rest of the books, I think this is a great series.