Monday, January 21, 2008

The New Edition of The Edge of the Forest is up

The January edition of The Edge of the Forest is now available. The Edge of the Forest is now entering it's third year of publication. Kelly has created a tremendous product with it. Congratulations to her.

There are a lot of great features in this issue including:
And I even wrote for it this month; interviewing some of my daughter's class mates (and my daughter) for this month's Kid Picks.

So head on over and enjoy.


Little Willow said...

Kudos and congrats to your daughter and the other G&T students for their academic accomplishments and book picks!

Get Ashley MISS SPITFIRE: Reaching Helen Keller by Sarah Miller!

Ranjeeka's book = Peg Kehret, who also writes fiction, such as the fantastic book for kids SISTERS LONG AGO.

Christine M said...

Little Willow, thanks for those great suggestions, I'll pass them on to the teacher.

HipWriterMama said...

Another great issue!

Esther said...

Very impressive issue! So much good things to read.