Thursday, January 31, 2008

Simple and Ordinary Things

Recently I was thinking about the title of my blog. The Simple and the Ordinary. It comes from a line in a song by the monks of the Weston Priory: "take the simple and the ordinary and turn it into the happy and wonderful, you can do it every day". What a great way to try to live.

But do I live up to it? Despite the fact that I created a cross-stitch with that on it (see picture in sidebar) or used it for my title. Do I take make the simple and the ordinary happy and wonderful - or do I get bogged down in the simple and ordinary?

Sometimes, truthfully, I get bogged down: Kids don't want to do homework, dinner needs to be made, foot hurts, nasty weather is predicted. My days often seem very simple and ordinary.

But I need to remember the second half: turn it into the happy and wonderful.

And honestly - though my life may appear quite simple and ordinary - it truly is happy and wonderful - I just have to remember that. Every day.


PJ Hoover said...

Kids don't want to do homework (equals) You are able to be around them to help encourage.
Dinner needs to be made (equals) you are having dinner together.
Nasty weather (equals) a fun day together inside!

You are taking the simple and ordinary and turning it into happy and wonderful!

Christine M said...

Thanks, Tricia!