Friday, February 01, 2008

Poetry Friday

On an August Morning
by KRM (age 11)

Green tree tops,
Astounding August morning
Cool babbling waterfalls
Wish we could stay
Simply splendid seats
On rock ledges
Easy to fall
Off slippery rocks
With water rushing down them
We might be the only
Ones who know this place
Birds twittering
High above
Us, lounging in
Our Emerald City
Basking in the
Sparkling sun
Hard to forget
This place
Wish we could stay

I know it's February. That's why I think it's a perfect time for a little reflection on summer. Besides, my daughter wrote this poem the other day and I wanted to share it. As you can see from the picture - she really did seem to capture the essence of the ravine on an August day.

The Poetry Round-up is over at Karen Edmisten's place.


Karen E. said...

Beautiful, KRM! I'm warmer already!

Anne K said...

Granddaughter, Thank you for reminding me of the fun time we had that day. It was a beautiful day and your poem brings it to life. Remember the slithering salamanders? Ammy

Easter A. said...

Christine, what talent she has! She writes very well for her age! Definitely takes after you! Wonderful!