Friday, February 22, 2008

Poetry Friday - George Washington's Birthday

My son is very proud to share a birthday with George Washington. He says when he's old enough he will vote for him for president.

In trying to come up with a poem for Poetry Friday today I was in a quandary, should I find a poem about snow, in honor of our first real snowfall of the winter, one about birthday's in honor of Harry turning eight, or one about George Washington?

In searching I found this delightful poem by Bobbi Katz.

George Washington's Birthday: Wondering
by Bobbi Katz

I wonder what I would have said
if my dad had asked me,
"Son, do you know who cut down
my pretty cherry tree?"
I think I would have closed my eyes
and thought a little bit
about the herd of elephants
I'd seen attacking it.

read the rest of the poem here. Visit Bobbi Katz's website here.

Kelly is hosting the Poetry Friday round-up today over at Big A little a, be sure to stop by for a visit.

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