Monday, February 18, 2008

Lenten Challenge

Okay, I haven't actually forgotten about this. Really. And I've been starring things that I want to link to - I just haven't put it all together.

As far as our Lent goes - saying the rosary together as a family was a non-starter. We just haven't made the effort to build it into our day. Which is a shame - and my fault, because I never pushed the issue.

I have been praying more, and I know the kids are feeling the pinch of the sacrifice to give up candy for Lent. Valentine's Day was particularly difficult.

For places that are wonderfully consistent with Lenten thoughts please visit Danielle Bean and A Catholic Mom in Hawaii.

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PJ Hoover said...

Hey! I've been praying more too. I even got to light a candle at church this past weekend since my daughter fell asleep on the pew. It seemed a shame to wake her, so we took turns staying with her to go light candles.
I'm thinking she's liking church more now too as she sees it as a napportunity.