Friday, February 08, 2008

Poetry Friday

It's Poetry Friday and I didn't have anything specific in mind for today's poem, so I perused a bit and found this one by Robert Louis Stevenson. It just seems to capture so perfectly those adventures of childhood.

In Port
by Robert Louis Stevenson

Last, to the chamber where I lie
My fearful footsteps patter nigh,
And come out from the cold and gloom
Into my warm and cheerful room.

There, safe arrived, we turn about
To keep the coming shadows out,
And close the happy door at last
On all the perils that we past.

Then, when mamma goes by to bed,
She shall come in with tip-toe tread,
And see me lying warm and fast
And in the land of Nod at last.

The round-up today is at AmoXcalli.


Cloudscome said...

Oh to go to bed this sweetly! Can my children learn this poem please?

TadMack said...

I think the warm and lighted room is if you have a nanny who's lit a fire inside. Cute poem.

Christine M said...

Yeah - you should see bedtimes around here. They last hours.

Cloudscome said...

*slaps head* Oh! the nanny! Of course! I was wondering about the fearful footsteps suddenly going cheerful. And where was mama? Downstairs entertaining still! I need to get me one of those nannies like the bunny has in Goodnight Moon.