Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Birthday Parties in School

When Pippi was in pre-school I thought it was great fun to bake cupcakes and bring them to her class. She's in fifth grade now. And I'm over it.

Our school instituted a policy last year of no junk food in the schools. This basically means they don't want cupcakes and cookies and candy to be a part of children's parties during the school day. My husband thought it ironic that they announced this to the parents at an open house where the PTO was busy holding a bake sale - but whatever. The policy is widely ignored. Class moms still bring in cupcakes and other treats for class parties. And kids still bring in cupcakes for their birthdays.

However, I know the school really doesn't want this. They want either healthy snacks or non-food treats. At which point I begin to wonder: why am I supplying treats to my children's classmates on my child's birthday? Call me mean and curmudgeonly but really. Non-food treats - even cheap gimmicky stuff are going to start to really add up when you multiply by 20 or 25. It really is easier to stop by the Dunkin' Donuts on the next corner and pick up a box of munchkins before school.

So, here we are in the midst of winter and our own little birthday season. Last month Pippi brought pencils in to distribute to her classmates. They were colorful and useful and fat free.

Friday is Harry's birthday. Do I go out and look for some more cheap pencils? Do I ignore the rules like so many others and bring cupcakes or Munchkins? No. I got a better idea.

On Friday - as a treat for his class - and in honor of his birthday - Harry is going to bring his guitar to school and play for his class. I checked with his teacher and she thinks it's a great idea. The class gets a treat. Harry gets to shine for a while and no one has to wipe icing off the desks afterwards.


Barb, sfo said...

That's a sweet idea.

I will have to figure out what to bring for Little Brother's class for his birthday coming up. Obviously chocolate pretzels are out of the question!

kkolshorn said...

How fitting reading this while watching AI. For those watching Alaina and Amanda were definitely the top for the night, but I digress. I would call you curmudgeonly but I don't know what the heck it means. I will say this considering the amount of food allergies, myself now included, I can see how not having cupcakes and such for parties. I also think Stephen playing his guitar is a great idea. Considering the way he plays, it is a treat for his classmates. Which one is he taking, and what song is he playing?

Christine M said...

He's going to bring his acoustic. Somehow I don't think bringing the electric guitar to school is a good idea. And he's going to play Malaguena.

Kris - did you develop any more food allergies I should know about before I try to feed you on Saturday?

Barb - I'm not sure what your son's school has against chocolate covered pretzels as a snack. Very odd.

kkolshorn said...

As far as I know, the only things to cause it are certain nuts and the soy protein. I am bringing my own benadryl just in case. If it is just hives, I can sort of live with it. I figure as long as I manage to be able to breathe it can be treated. I would like to amend my last Idol statement. Syesha was the best for the night.

Kelly said...

You're such a smart mom, Chris! You're always impressing me.

kkolshorn said...

I would like to say for the record that Kelly has set me up oh so well and I am going to be nice and keep any derogatory comments to myself.

HipWriterMama said...

Very cool about the guitar playing. I think it is an awesome idea.

Our school has a no food policy for birthdays because of food allergies, which you know I love. It is strictly enforced.

One cool thing I've seen is when kids bring in a t-shirt and fabric markers and then have all their classmates autograph the shirt.

Another is having the classmates autograph a class picture and then have it framed for the birthday child.

And now the guitar...I think it is such a cool idea.


HipWriterMama said...

Oops, I forgot to finish my sentence.

Hope the birthday boy has fun celebrating!

Barb, sfo said...

hipwritermama, I like your school's idea of the birthday T-shirt. That would be so fun for all the kids!

Happy Birthday to Harry, and I hope he gets a Snow Day if that's how he wants to celebrate.

kkolshorn said...

I like the autograph ideas. That does make a nice keepsake. It isn't like you can keep food treats for the rest of your life. I hope Harry enjoys his birthday tomorrow. I think he may get that snow day. I only hope that there is more snow than ice so that he can really enjoy it.