Friday, February 01, 2008

This Made My Day

I was so touched to see that Esther, A Catholic Mom in Hawaii awarded me this new award created by Deb of Ukok's Place. It's a lovely award, letting people you think they make the world a better place. Well, I certainly think that both Esther and Deb make this world a better place.

Here are the rules for this award (more details are available at Ukok's Place):
1. use Ukok’s ‘You make the world a better place’ image in your post.
2. link to Ukok’s Place.
3. Award 5 bloggers.
There are so many bloggers that I read and enjoy and wish I knew personally and could sit down with a cup of tea with, but I will limit myself to five.
So - to you: I think you make the world a better place.

Alice at Cottage Blessings

Vivian at HipWriterMama

Tricia at Roots in Myth

Kelly at Big A, little a


Lissa at Here in the Bonny Glen


HipWriterMama said...

You made my day with this! I'm honored. Will I be able to give you the award, too?

ukok said...

I'm delighted that Esther awarded this to you, thanks for your kind and generous comments too!

Alice Gunther said...

God bless you, dearest Christine!!! I look forward to that cup of tea, believe me! The best thing is that I know we will have it one of these days!

Esther really picked a perfect person for this award!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for mine!

PJ Hoover said...

I think you make the world a better place!
Thank you so much :) It made my evening!

Melissa Wiley said...

Christine, thank you so much! Right back atcha!!

Christine M said...

You guys are all the greatest!