Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Getting Ready For Lent

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. We begin the church season in which we prepare for Easter. We prepare ourselves through prayer and fasting and penance.

Traditionally people give something up for Lent. As children it is often candy. It is candy for my children. I decree it so. When they are old enough to make reasonable sacrifices on their own - they may. Pippi actually can now. Harry wants to give up school.

But it's not just about giving something up. And it's not just about doing something extra either. It's about a way to bring ourselves closer to God. Which, is a pretty worthwhile goal.

So - what are we doing about Lent? There will be a general giving up of sweets - because the main grocery shopper (that would be me) will refrain from buying them. There will be exceptions. Harry's birthday is in a couple of weeks. There will be cake. Though Pippi asked that I please not give her candy for Valentine's Day.

And I'm going to try once again to institute a family rosary. You know - my kids have no objection to it. If I suggest it, we say the rosary. If I don't suggest it; we don't. And sometimes I get busy and don't suggest it. I'll make an effort to remember during Lent.

This year Harry is also getting ready for his First Communion - so maybe one of our goals for Lent will be to make sure that we all approach Mass more reverently, and less like just another part of the week.

A friend challenged me to make a Lenten challenge - inspired by HipWriterMama's thirty day challenges, but I wasn't quite sure what to do. I think I came up with it though.

For every day of Lent I'm going to try to post something that is inspirational in nature and that serves the goal of bringing me closer to God. I challenge anyone who is interested to do the same - either on your own blog (with a comment to me, so I know to look) or else in the comments here.

Let's help each other make this a holy and reverent Lent.

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HipWriterMama said...

Love the "give up school" thing for Lent. Harry cracks me up.

It's good to be reminded about the inspiration and holiness of Lent. Thank you!