Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Dress Rehearsal

Today was the dress rehearsal for Cinderella. Pippi enjoyed herself as a step sister (it's always fun playing evil) and Harry did a great job as one of the birds. I was impressed with his dancing in the ballroom scene.

If you click below you can get to my Picasa site and see the videos that are a part of this slide show. This was the dress rehearsal so you can hear the director in the background giving instructions. When he says "Bop to the tree" it's not a new dance move - he's instructing those kids who are around the side microphones to bop as they sing and to face the big tree that is in the center of where the audience will be. Just to make that clear.

The weather is looking a bit iffy tomorrow (these shows are rain or shine) so keep your fingers crossed for us.

And enjoy a little bit of Cinderella (the Kids in the Park way)

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