Friday, August 08, 2008

The Talent Show

Today - the halfway mark for the kids theater camp - was the day of the Talent Show. All campers welcome to participate - the only requirement was that the selections be kept to two minutes or less. Not all participants followed that advice (if you're lip-syncing or dancing to a song the song is generally longer than 2 minutes, so it's tricky.)

Harry had a song picked out. Then he heard the two minute rule. He timed the song he wanted to play. Five minutes. I suggested he just play part of it. But that wouldn't do. So he chose to play the song Tomorrow from Annie instead.

Pippi - in her quest to combine writing and acting (that and being a NASA Scientist are her goals) decided to act out the song "The Great Writer" from Snoopy the Musical. Then she realized that song was a whopping six minutes long. She solved that by only doing the first half - and doing it without the CD to back her up. Without musical accompaniment she could get through it a bit faster.

Click through to see their performances.


Vivian said...

I hope they had fun with this!

Alice Gunther said...

How fun!

Great work with this!

I love the pieces the children selected.

Christine M said...

They both had a great time. It's fun to see your children blossom and get up on stage and do something you didn't know they had in them!