Monday, September 22, 2008

The House on the Corner

Another original poem by Pippi in response to neighbors who moved out this weekend. They will be missed. And they lived in...

The House on the Corner
by KRM

The house on the corner is empty
No lights are on
No car in the driveway
NO TV blaring inside
No babies wailing
or 3 year old to call
out my name as I
walk past on
my way to school

The house on the corner
has been empty before
and it will be
empty again.
And new neighbors will
move in and out.

But the house
on the corner is
No lights are on.


PJ Hoover said...

I can see the three-year-old now!
Great poem!

Bill said...

Pippi is becoming the poet laureate of Woodbridge, and rightly so.

Kelly said...

Pippi is such a great poet. Here's to filling the house with children and laughter soon.

Vivian said...

Awww. You can hear the melancholy in this poem. Very nice poem!

Hope you have nice neighbors soon!