Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Last Day of Vacation

School starts tomorrow and the kids aren't particularly thrilled with the idea - a few more months of summer would suit them just fine. Pippi put her thoughts to paper and asked me to post it.

So here are Pippi's thoughts on going back to school tomorrow.

My Doom is Approaching
by KRM

My doom is approaching
In 24 hours I'll be held
Captive in a strange lodging.

But perhaps I'll
run away and join
the pirates.
I'd call myself "Matey"
and I'd sit in the crows nest all day and....

Or I could wander into
Sherwood Forest.
I'd poach some of the King's deer
and get a grand old price on my head.
I'd run from the law and
play with rich merchant's money....

Or perhaps
I might grow a gigantic
beanstalk that stretches
all the way to the sky.
I'll climb it and
I'll meet giants, fairy folk,
unicorns, you know.

But, my doom is approaching.
In 24 hours I'll be at school.
But there's always the possibility
that I'll be held hostage by
a band of Native Americans....
(I have absolutely no adventure in my life.)


Kelly said...

OMG: That is awesome! What a fantastic poem. (I realize Pippi's disappointed, but

PJ Hoover said...

Someone wants to grow up to be a writer like her mom!
Very good poem!
At what age do they start not wanting to go to school? Mine was still thrilled (second grade).

Christine M said...

She does love to write!

They don't mind school really - they'd just rather stay in summer vacation longer. Can't say I blame them.

Vivian said...

This is fantastic! Pippi should submit her work in Highlights, American Girl, or other magazines!

Christine M said...

Thanks Vivian - maybe she should submit her work - she's gotten into the school district literary magazine every year so far - so that's a start.