Friday, September 05, 2008

Poetry Friday - Fairy Tale Edition

Pippi has a love for fairy tales. And why not - there are a lot of good stories out there. She also likes listening to music from Broadway shows. So the other day she was listening to songs from Beauty and the Beast and started thinking about Gaston - the big guy who wants Belle to marry him. This is the poem that resulted.

Beauty and the Beast

I was the big
Big man,
Athletic, wonderful.
But she didn’t want me.
She fawned over
A beast locked
In a haunted castle
These years
What did he
Have that I
Naturally, I started
Pressing her buttons.
But that made her
Hate me even more.
So then I set
Last straw.
Kill the beast!
A little lie here
A little blood there,
The benefit was mine.
The girl…mine!
But still,
My plan backfired,
Pushed off a
Tower. Landing
Down below.
And that was
My story.
My intentions
Started out
All I wanted was
Instead got the
Brunt of the
The round up is at Wild Rose Reader today. Head on over.


PJ Hoover said...

Impressive! That girl's got talent!

Yat-Yee said...

I enjoyed it very much. You must post more of her work!

John Mutford said...

Great voice!

Anonymous said...

Ooh - that Gaston got what was coming, and your daughter did a magnificent job putting herself in his shoes and writing about it!

beth said...

Wow. I REALLY love this poem! Please tell your daughter that I think she's brilliant!

Christine M said...

Thanks everyone! When my daughter got home from school today the first thing she wanted to know was if anyone had liked her poem. She's so glad you enjoyed it!

And if she can write like this at 11 just imagine where she can go!

Jim D said...

Tell Pippi I love her poem!

Jim D

Vivian said...

Funny! Pippi definitely has talent. Like mother, like daughter.

Bill said...

Gee, that was really good, Pippi. After I read it I had to go back to make sure I understood the initials correctly. Not that I thought you couldn't do something like that, but I haven't been paying close attention to what's going on around me. You do have talent so you should keep on writing. You probably got the talent from me. I used to write some poems. Yes, I'm sure you got it from me.

CM, I know this is your blog, but please pass this on to KRM.

Did you say Harry was ready for school? It looks like he has enough stuff on his back for a two week trek in the Adirondacks.


Anne K said...

Pippi's my granddaughter so I may be a little prejudiced but that poem was so good it gave me goosebumps! Ammy

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see a girl who loves story, words, and poetry and mixes them all up to produce this terrific poem! Keep writing!

keri mikulski :) said...

Great stuff.