Friday, October 31, 2008

A Halloween Story

In honor of Halloween here's a story 11-year-old Pippi wrote. It actually started out as the introduction to a story she decided not to write. But she figures this stands on its own.

Maude Dwight
by KRM

The wind whistled through the cave's open mouth. It was Halloween night, and Maude Dwight sat shivering inside Skull Cove. She had gotten a little fire going, but she couldn't do anything from the wind that kept blowing it out.

PHOOSH!! The fire was out. Maude reached out blindly for her flint. Once she grabbed it, her fingers locked around the smooth stone, she heard footsteps. Wast it her Papa come to save her? She dropped her flint in excitement, waitin got see her father's flashlight.

But she never saw it. The footsteps got louder.

Suddenly, a dark, dark figure appeared out of the shadows. A knife glinted in the dim light.He lashed it at Maude.

Maude screamed.

And that scream can be heard every Halloween night.

Happy Halloween.


PJ Hoover said...

Oooh, my kids will love this. Or at least it will scare them. I'll save it for LATE tonight!
Niec job, Pippi!

Vivian said...

Pippi has a nice writing style. Like mother, like daughter.