Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Anticipating the Weekend

This is a big weekend. A lot of people - young and old - are anticipating the arrival of the last Harry Potter book. Now, my kids have read some of the Harry Potter books (Pippi has read the first five, Harry the first three), they've seen the first four movies on DVD and Harry even gets his blog name from Harry Potter.

But that's not what my kids are busy anticipating. They've got something to look forward to that offers them more excitement than a new book (and they love books). They are going to get to see their cousins again.

You see - two years ago my brother moved his family to Bahrain due to his job. Bahrain is far. We didn't go visit. The cousins - both boys - are a year older and a year younger than Harry. He has missed them something awful. Pippi misses them too - the older boy was her practice brother before Harry was born (while grandma babysat them both). Before they moved we used to see them a couple of times a week. But they are back now. They are only in New Jersey for a short time before moving to Florida - but this is the week we get to see them again.

This is bigger than Harry Potter. This is the Cousins! Yay!

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