Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Today by the Numbers

7 – children here
5 – children here that were not mine
1 – number of adults here (me)

3 – boys
4 – girls
2 – ten year olds (who never left each others sides)
3 – how many times the 7 year olds had to change their clothes because they were soaked
1 – how many times one of the 7 year olds fell in the creek (maybe twice, things are a little unclear)
1 – frog escaped from the aquarium (to be captured by a very capable 12-year-old) (this by the way is a tropical tree frog, not a local toad caught in the creek)
1 – Bike found in the creek and brought home and cleaned up (we’re calling the police tomorrow to see if it was reported stolen)
2 – Fishing poles
5 – Children fishing
3 – Minnows caught
2 – Minnows that made it back to the creek alive
1 – Turtle that ate dead minnow
3 – Children who changed their clothes during the day due to being soaked.
2 – times read “The Berenstain Bear’s Vacation” to 2 ½ year old.
7 – hot dogs consumed
3 – bags of chips open at once (all different flavors)
20 –juice boxes consumed
5 –children here who are moving to Uzbekistan next week.

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