Friday, July 27, 2007

Drying Clothes

Ah - it's a lovely summer day (okay a bit hot and sticky for my tastes, but nevertheless) and the load of laundry I put in the washer this morning is hanging on the line, wafting in the gentle breeze and lovely sun that the Lord sends us.

The only thing is - it's not my clothes' line. It's my neighbor's. Because I don't have a clothes' line And my clothes are out there because it seemed better than letting them just sit in the washer, since it seems that my dryer has decided that it is too hot for it to emit any heat. So it stopped. Emitting heat that is. And it seems that my clothes (judging from the first load that has spent several hours in the dryer now) prefer to get dry when a little heat is thrown their way.

Luckily I have very accommodating neighbors and she even lent me clothes pins to use as well (because since I don't have a clothes line, I don't have a large supply.)

I'm guessing that the agenda for this weekend is going to include shopping for a new dryer.

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