Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pippi Got A New Bike

This is big news because the bike is actually new. She hasn't had a new bike before. Okay - that isn't technically true, when she was 2 her grandparents gave her a tiny bike. But that was eight years ago and she didn't have any say in the matter.

Since then she's been riding used bikes. First was the pink Huffy bike we bought for $15 from a neighbor. That's the one she learned to ride on and I'm sure it will always hold a special place in her heart.

Then there was the red bicycle. This was my old bike. A 1970's era red Schwinn Bantam. It was in good shape and she enjoyed riding it. Though, as Harry got his second brand new bike last year I made sure she knew that if she wanted a new bike she could get one. She always assured me that she was very happy with her old red bike.

But the time has come - she's outgrown the Bantam. So today she got a brand-new bike. One that she picked out. It has hand brakes and 21-gears and once the rain stopped we went for a ride around the park. We managed three miles and she's getting the hang of both the hand brakes and the gears.

And as much fun as the vintage bike was, she's very happy to have a new grown-up looking one.

The only problem is that now we have eight bicycles in our one-car garage (and no, the car absolutely does not fit in there). I think it's time to purge bicycles.

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Leo said...

8 bikes in a garage isn't so bad. I have 9 bikes, and NO garage!