Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Five Thing Rule

My kids don't like to clean their rooms. Okay - probably most kids don't like to clean their rooms. I don't even particularly like to clean my room. But it doesn't take long for their rooms to get out of control. And then when Saturday (room cleaning day) rolls around, they groan because they don't know where to start.

So this summer vacation we instituted something new (with the hope that the habit will kick in and we'll keep it going through the school year). It's called the "Five Thing Rule".

Every morning (though honestly sometimes this gets pushed to lunchtime) they are required to make their beds (Pippi's been doing this for years, Harry needs a bit more of a nudge) and to pick up (and put away) Five Things in their room.

My theory is that Five Things doesn't sound like an insurmountable task. And if they put away Five Things each day, eventually their rooms will get a bit cleaner (in theory). So far it's working. They don't balk (too much) at picking up Five Things and the rooms are not getting messier anyway.

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