Thursday, July 26, 2007

RIP - Leafy

The little green tree frog has jumped his last jump. I suppose after his taste of freedom a couple of weeks ago he simply lost the will to live. Whatever the reason, the frog was found dead today - splayed out in his water dish.

Pippi was upset at the passing of her frog - but she had lost interest in the frog almost a year ago (she had it for nearly two years) and so I don't think the loss will affect her that much.

We are very limited in the type of pets we can have in this house. My husband and I are both allergic to cats, dogs and birds. Harry is allergic to dogs - not sure about cats and birds. So pet wise we are pretty much limited to things without fur.

For a number of years we had fish. A few gold fish now and then. Then two years ago we turned the aquarium into a home for a frog and a lizard. The lizard died last year. They were excited at first. But the frog turned out to be nocturnal and the lizard liked to hide. They also came with instructions that you weren't supposed to touch them too much (or basically at all). So that left watching a sleeping frog and looking for a hiding lizard. Woo hoo. No wonder they lost interest.

All the same, it's sad to see any pet die.

So, here's to you Leafy the frog - (and Greeny the lizard) may you both rest in peace and find an afterlife with lots of little crickets for you to eat. Yumm Yumm.


Liz B said...

Well, you could always get a snake. Ingrid & Lars are very happy with Spot.

Christine M said...

No, I say. And no again..