Friday, August 24, 2007

Playing with Matches

Harry, Pippi and their cousin were put in charge of getting the campfire started. (There was adult supervision - we're not crazy.)

It took quite a few matches to get it going. One spot would light briefly, but wouldn't stay lit - more kindling needed usually. Sometimes the match would drop and not light anything - just bad placement. But they did each get a small section going.

Harry was particularly proud when a piece of crumbled newspaper he lit under some twigs actually resulted in a fire that stayed lit and helped produced our marshmallow-toasting blaze.

He was so pleased with the accomplishment that he has a new request for a Christmas present: A box of matches.

Hmmm - let me think now - should I give my seven-year-old boy a box of matches for Christmas? Uh - NO.
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