Saturday, August 18, 2007

World Without End...Until the Last Day?

We were singing a song in church tonight that had the line "I will raise you up on the last day." Harry told me this song freaked him out. I figured it was because it said "last day" and he doesn't like thinking about a "last day."

But he told me it freaked him out because it says "last day" but we pray for "world without end". So how can that be?

Me: Ummmmm (pause) - because our world will end - but God's never will. (Phew, wasn't sure I was going to come up with an answer to that one on the fly like that)

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Milehimama said...

Actually, "world without end" is just a poor translation of the Latin sæcula sæculorum, which means, roughly,"forever and ever" or "for the ages of the ages". It's poetic license,not theology!