Saturday, August 21, 2010


My excuse for not blogging this week? Vacation - and very spotty internet connection. Plus we were very very busy. So, here's a quick rundown of how the week went.

1. Monday: Bushkill Falls.

We hiked the "Red Trail". That's the big one. You can see all the waterfalls, but it takes several hours. We were exhausted when we were done. Well, everyone except my son, so the two of us took a paddle boat for a spin. I don't think my legs will ever forgive me.

2. Tuesday: Dorney Park. No pictures from there, because I didn't feel like carrying my camera around an amusement park. We all managed to get sunburned though. Fun times!

3. Wednesday: The Martin Guitar Factory.

Awesome tour! It takes a month for them to make one guitar from beginning to end. And of course we all know what kind of guitar my son wants now.

After the factory tour we went to Lancaster, PA for some shopping and good eating!

4. Thursday: Gettysburg, PA. It's a very humbling experience to realize how many men were killed or wounded on those battlefields.

5: Philadelphia. Here my daughter tries to get some inside information from the signers of the Constitution at the National Constitution Center.

6. Saturday: We started out the day at Valley Forge and wrapped it up at the PAYA Festival.

This fabulous event was put together by a fifteen-year-old book blogger. And just look at some of the fabulous company I was in! That's me with Amy Brecount White, Jeri Smith-Ready and Stephanie Kuehnert. There were 18 authors there for signings, and there were also writing workshops.

So, what did you do this week?