Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Long neglected blog

Oh. Hi there, my long neglected blog.

Yeah, I still exist. I guess most of my ruminating has been on Facebook lately.

Yesterday we spent the day at the beach. Today we are spending the day suffering from sunburn. Yes we used lotion. No we weren't as diligent with it as we should have been. Lesson learned.

I also guest posted at YA Authors You've Never Heard Of today and talked about required summer reading - that bane of all students.

Let it be clearly understood, I think everyone should read. I think people should read a lot. But there are also a lot of other things people should do. And sometimes I think we forget to emphasize them.

Wouldn't it be great if a summertime assignment, instead of making a child read a book they are not interested in, was to have at least one adventure over the summer and be prepared to tell about it.

It can't be assumed anymore that kids will have climbed a tree or gone on a picnic or taken a long hike in the woods. But those kind of things can really be just as educational as reading. And even better, if a child gets to experience something for real, when they read about it in a book they understand the story that much better.

So go. Have an adventure.

And then read about an adventure.

Both are good for you!