Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Back To School

And they're off, to the great adventure that is 2nd and 5th grades. Other than Harry deciding yesterday that he didn't want to go to school, I'd say that our back to school morning went pretty well. Everyone got up and dressed without complaint. We left early - we were ready, so why not be leisurely about our walk. We got to school (early, but hardly the first ones there) and the kids got to reconnect with old friends.

The big test will come this afternoon when I pick them up. How did it all go?

HipWriterMama has a wonderful back to school post today, including a beautiful original poem. Go check it out.
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Liz B said...

The backpacks get bigger & bigger...they could hike across Europe with those things.

I'm hoping they're not going to be full of heavy books!

Christine M said...

Liz, I think you and I did travel across Europe with packs not much bigger than those! Pippi will probably end up lugging a lot of books, but Harry won't - I don't think.

HipWriterMama said...

Hope Harry and Pippi's first day went well. My two had huge smiles on their faces when they came home.

ukok said...

Hope all went well, mine are both in High School now. They just started back on Tuesday and they weren't happy to go!