Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'd Rather be Fishing

Okay - well, me personally, I wouldn't rather be fishing. I'm not much of a fisher-person. I've never had much luck fishing and don't particularly have the patience for it either.

But today they had a township-wide fishing tournament at the creek near our house. Pippi was into it. She got her pole and some cut up hot dog (hey, it worked once before) and headed down to the creek. Harry wasn't interested (which was okay because he had his guitar lesson this morning anyway.)

So Pippi went fishing. The town apparently stocked the creek. Which was good - because 200 kids going after the 5 catfish that live in it might be a bit much. She didn't catch anything though. Perhaps whatever the other kids were using for bait was more appealing than the hot dogs. The kid next to her caught about five fish, and even won a prize (third biggest fish). The kids who won the first two prizes were using chicken liver as bait.

They also had door prizes. Pippi's ticket number was the first one called. She won a new fishing pole, complete with tackle. So - she didn't catch a fish today, but she certainly had a good time.

The weather was beautiful, there were enough people there to make it seem like something was really going on, but not so many that it felt crowded, the mayor was walking around greeting people. All in all, a lovely morning by the creek.


Barb, sfo said...

Congrats to Pippi on her prize!!

My husband recommends a can of the very cheap store brand "whop'em" biscuits. Just break up a bit of raw biscuit dough and stick on the fish hook.


He swears the fish in Carteret Park love the stuff. So who knows?

Ellen said...

I'm glad to hear that Pippi won a prize! But more importantly that she had some fun.

We used to use frozen corn for bait as kids. It worked sometimes.