Sunday, February 03, 2008

... and another thing

He didn't just try to give himself an "accidental" haircut with the nail scissors, he went for additional grooming as well. He cut half of one eyebrow away. Pippi was the one who noticed that his eyebrow looked funny. No idea what possessed him. We may have to remove all sharp objects from the house.


Liz B said...

I guess it hurts less than plucking. Or waxing.

Unknown said...

Hey that type of style is in now. Maybe he was trying to get with the times.

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Hmm, Middle Sister tried that last year. Fortunately, she has long hair, so she just copied the hairstyle from the daughter in "The Incredibles" and not too many people noticed. I don't imagine that your son has options like that.

Was he anxious about a possible unibrow, or something?

christine M said...

I don't know what was on his mind. No uni-brow danger. The mind of a seven year old boy is a dangerous place - that's all I can say.

don't go encouraging my boy to go with 'the time' - I don't want him telling me his aunt told him to get a tattoo or anything!

I guess it is better than plucking or waxing. But why he attacked his eyebrow at all is beyond me. I guess because it was right there when he looked in a mirror.

Unknown said...

I won't encourage him to get a tatoo. He would give my up in a minute. I guess this now adds scissors to matches on things we can't get him for his birthday. Guess I will have to rethink my plan.