Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Auntie Chris

Big news in the family today. My youngest brother and his wife are going to have a baby! This is big news. Right now I have three nephews and a niece. The youngest (twins) turned three a few months ago.

The new baby is due right around Pippi's birthday. She's marveling at the fact that she will be twelve years older than this baby.

So head on over to Kristen's site and offer her congratulations! (And the title of her site was because they were planning on adopting two children soon - not because they are having twins. I suspect the adoption plans may be put on hold for the time being.)


Vivian said...

Congrats! The same thing happened to a friend of mine. She found out she was expecting after she adopted a baby.

BTW, my kids are the youngest of the cousins. All of the cousins are 8 - 14 years older than my eldest. I was sad, because I didn't think my kids would get to know their cousins. Was I wrong! My kids adore their cousins and vice versa.

kkolshorn said...

It is the same way in my family. We have basically a generation gap between sets of cousins. That hasn't stopped us from being close. When I was younger, they always took us for a week in the summer, and we are still close now as we are adults.

Christine M said...

Pippi is the oldest of the cousins. So really a twelve year spread isn't that big. She's just amazed at little (improbable to her) things like when your child is 12 she'll be 24! (Ancient)

And the twins are only 3, so really there isn't that big a gap there.

kkolshorn said...

My cousins are just a few years younger than my mother. In fact my oldest cousin is 2 years younger than Mom. His kids are all our age. That's what happens when your aunt is 20 years older than you mother.