Tuesday, May 13, 2008

When Dad's in Charge

I had to go out for awhile tonight. I was gone about an hour and a half. I left my husband in charge.

When I came home I was very pleased to hear that homework had been completed - except for a small project that Pippi was working on. That was good. But then I noticed what Harry was doing while Pippi looked through the craft box for things for her project.

He was gluing craft sticks together with black acrylic paint. On the floor. On the (dark gray) rug. Without any newspaper underneath. Dad was making a cup of tea.

I think I blinked a few times to take in what I saw. His explanation - Pippi wouldn't give him the glue.

Her reason: she needed it close to her for when she had something to glue. They were sitting next to each other in a room that measures about 10 x 10.

We cleaned the carpet as best as we could - but the black spots are destined to be part of the landscape (along with much ground in play dough - that rug is not in the best shape.)

Finally I got him off to the shower - and Pippi continued with her project. My husband went out to the store. It was then I noticed that I was walking in something gritty. I picked up my foot and looked at the bottom of my shoe. Salt? Sugar? Sand? What was it? I couldn't be sure so I got out the Super Broom.

Pippi insisted that whatever it was - it wasn't her. Maybe it was Dad - she suggested.

"Dad salted the kitchen floor?" I didn't think that was very likely.

As I ran the vacuum over the floor I finally solved the mystery - there near the counter was a whole pile of white grains. Sugar. On the counter sat the container with ice tea in it. Near it sat a cup with undissolved sugar coating the sides.

I headed upstairs. Through the bathroom door I asked Harry why he'd poured sugar on the floor.

He'd needed to sweeten his ice tea. The sugar spilled when he opened the sugar bowl. He'd cleaned some of it up - but I guess he then got distracted by painting the sun room floor.

"I leave Dad in charge for an hour and a half and look what happens!"

"That's the problem," Harry said, "you were gone too long."

Or not long enough. Maybe if I'd timed it better it would have all been cleaned up by the time I got home.


Kelly said...

Um, Totally.

Though I like your positive thinking as evidenced by the last line :)

kkolshorn said...

If you haven't replaced that battery in your fire detector, I would do it before the next time you leave Dad in charge.

ukok said...

I enjoyed reading this (though I'm sorry about your rug.....and the ground in sugar too) but next time you leave to go out for a while you must remember to take all sharp objects, along with things like matches and glue etc, with you. In fact, keep a suitcase of all the 'potententially dangerous' house contents by the front door and the next time you go out, even for just 30 minutes or so, take them with you!!!

What are men like! Bless them!

beth said...

I agree with kkolshom!

I've been out of my parents' house for almost a decade, but they still have the rug in the living room with the fist-sized stain of rubber cement from that time I tried to use a whole bottle to glue one tiny picture onto my science project board.

At least when I have kids, I've got all hardwood instead of paint or glue, they'll probably just burn the house down!