Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Like Sunny Days

...and I like rainy days.

What drives me nuts are days like today. Right now it is sunny and there is lots of blue sky. A little over an hour ago it was pouring rain. This has happened several times during the day already. I can't trust it. What's it going to do next? More importantly do I go meet the kids with the car or let them walk home from school? Decisions, decisions.


PJ Hoover said...

Meet them with the car! And an umbrella. Then the sun will stay out for sure :)

Christine M said...

The sky was still clear - over the school and our house at least - to the North it was a bit iffy - at 3:30 - so I let them walk home. It started to drizzle as they walked in the door. But then it stopped and the sun came out again. Very strange weather day.

But, you're right PJ, the car and an umbrella would have insured it. (Though Harry had his umbrella up - even though it wasn't raining - it's good to be prepared)