Sunday, May 25, 2008

Random Thoughts on Corpus Christi

While driving to church this morning, I asked the children if they knew what the feast day was this Sunday. Right away Harry said "The Body and Blood of Christ!" Then I asked if they thought we'd hear about it during Mass. They both answered 'no' - which I think is kind of a sad commentary on our parish - but *sigh* only too true sometimes. Though - I must say, we had an old retired priest for the Mass today and he did talk about Corpus Christi - but he spoke more about the recent ordination of a local man who would be saying his first Mass today (fair enough).

I also mentioned to the children that during the Pope's Mass for Corpus Christi during the week (because here the feast is transfered to a Sunday) that they brought a kneeler up and the people who received communion from the Pope did so kneeling and on the tongue. Pippi's immediate response to that: "Awesome." It makes me wonder if there's somewhere around here that we can observe some more of the traditional observations. Could prove interesting.

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