Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Five Day Weekend

The holiday weekend around here got extended by two days due to unused snow days. And as fun as it is to have a five-day weekend, it would also be nice to finish school before June 24 - and I kind of wish they had simply given us that last Monday and Tuesday off and started vacation a weekend earlier. But I'm sure there's some bureaucratic reason why they can't do that.

So we had an extra two days. Yesterday I took the kids to see Prince Caspian. They really enjoyed it and didn't mind the protracted battle scenes. When we got home I started reading the book to them. I had read it to Pippi years ago, but Harry had never heard the story (normally we try to do things like this before we go to a movie - but oh well.) After dinner the thunderstorms rolled; for which I was grateful because yesterday felt like a summer day in Jersey (but the pool wasn't open) with high temperatures and high humidity.

The weather was sunny and clear today - but much cooler than yesterday (by at least 20 degrees for a good part of the day). In the afternoon we went for a bike ride. We did both of our local "tours" and then it was home to start the pizza dough, have ice pops - and read a few more chapters of Prince Caspian.

Alas all good things must end - and the weekend ended with the inevitable fight about homework. Pippi didn't want to spend her time off doing the project that was assigned several weeks ago - but due next week. She'd rather do it when she has a lot of other work to do as well. I personally don't think that's the best way - so tempers flared. But the project was eventually worked on and now it's bedtime - because tomorrow it's back to school (yay .... did I say that?)


Anne K said...

I need to do my movie review and I loved your link. I want to do it too. I'll be calling you! Mom

PJ Hoover said...

Our last day of school is Friday, and then summer is here! June 24th! Wow. But I did grow up in VA and remember that well. It makes the first week in June a good time for Disney. Next year.

Ellen said...

I wish the northern part of the state would get over that "winter break" thing they have going. All my hub's family lives there and they could never understand why my son got done school so soon - because we don't have winter break in the souther part of the state. I think the kids should spend time in school when the weather is cool and not conducive to outside play and be home when it is. Besides, they can't concentrate when it is nice out side and the classroom is too warm.

Vivian said...

Hee, hee. Hope you have a great day today! Our last day of school is June 19th, so I'm scrambling to find things for them to do.

Christine M said...

Ellen - you're right - the winter break in Feb - and we have a week off the first week of November - could totally be sacrificed to maybe finish school before the summer solstice.

And PJ - Friday, huh. Time for summer mode - it still seems a long way off here.

Vivian - your last day is not that far from ours. But at least you get that extra weekend!

And Mom, did you get the link to work?