Friday, May 19, 2006

Poetry Friday

Since my six-year-old son has to sit still for several minutes at a time (not an easy task) while using his nebulizer, we've been entertaining him with some poems from Now We Are Six by A.A. Milne.
This is one of his favorites.

Us Two
by A. A. Milne

Wherever I am, there's always Pooh,
There's always Pooh and Me.
Whatever I do, he wants to do,
"Where are you going to-day?" says Pooh:
"Well, that's very odd 'cos I was too.
Let's go together," says Pooh, says he.
"Let's go together," says Pooh.

"What's twice eleven?" I said to Pooh.
("Twice what?" said Pooh to Me.)
"I think it ought to be twenty-two."
"Just what I think myself," said Pooh.
"It wasn't an easy sum to do,
But that's what it is," said Pooh, said he.
"That's what it is," said Pooh.

"Let's look for dragons," I said to Pooh.
"Yes, let's said Pooh to Me.
We crossed the river and found a few--
"Yes, those are dragons all right," said Pooh.
"As soon as I saw their beaks I knew.
That's what they are," said Pooh, said he.
"That's what they are," said Pooh.

"Let's frighten the dragons," I said to Pooh.
"That's right," said Pooh to Me.
"I'm not afraid," I said to Pooh,
And I held his paw and I shouted "Shoo!
Silly old dragons!" -- and off they flew.
"I wasn't afraid," said Pooh, said he,
"I'm never afraid with you."

So, wherever I am, there's always Pooh,
There's always Pooh and Me.
"What would I do?" I said to Pooh,
"If it wasn't for you," and Pooh said: "True,
It isn't much fun for One, but Two
Can stick together," says Pooh, says he.
"That's how it is," says Pooh.

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Bkbuds said...

Many thanks for the link and the Pooh poem. So nice to see Milne at his best, before Disney mangled his creation.

Anonymous said...

I love A.A. Milne, too. James James Morrison Morrison is a favorite, though it's so, eh, disconcerting in its way. My 6 year old boy occasionally has to use a nebulizer, too. No fun.

christine M said...

I have to find our copy of "When we were very young" so I can read him James James Morrison Morrison. I think the book is buried somewhere in my daughter's room, amidst her many many books.