Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Driving Pet Peeves - Part I

I'm labeling this part 1 because I feel fairly confident that I will have a part 2 and probably even a part 3.

Pet Peeve:
When people don't stop at stop signs.
Corollary: When people stop at stop signs, look, see that someone is coming, and go anyway.
Hint: It's not just, stop, look and go. It's stop. Look and see if the way is clear and then go.


I feel better now.


Jill said...

Yep, Yep! I am soooo with you!! Apparently in the driving course they went to the 'Yield' sign was misrepresented as a red octagon and the yellow triangle was 'other people are probably coming so speed up and they'll stop for you'.
Can we do signal light pet peeves next???!!!
(new blogger @ Fluff 'n Babble 'n Brains)

Christine M said...

Jill, I think you are right - signal light pet peeves could be a big one!