Monday, June 04, 2007

Goals Goals Goals

And I don't mean like in soccer.

We all have goals, or should to some extent, even if it's just getting out of bed in the morning.

PJ Hoover over at Roots in Myth has outlined some of her writing goals. I especially like goal number 2: Write every night.

It sounds simple, no? Well, it also sounds simple to lose weight - just eat less and exercise more. And we all know how simple that is, don't we?

I should make the same goal for myself. I have been blogging more - I seem to recall making that a goal earlier in the year. But along with that was the goal of writing more on my fiction. And, although I go in fits and spurts with it, I can't say I've been following through enough.

There always seem to be so many other things to do - and for some reason the children expect to get fed every day. Go figure.

During the day when they're at school I could write. But that's also a great time to get some household chores done or run errands (so much easier to run errands alone). So, after they're in bed then, right? After all, they're seven and ten, how late can they possibly stay up. Late, I tell you, late. My son is nocturnal (he says it and I believe him). Sometimes it is after ten before they're both asleep - and then I want to be asleep too.

But no more excuses. I want to write, and write I will.

I have goals too.

1) Write nightly (stealing that one straight from PJ)
2) lose ten pounds (that's one of those eternal goals)
3) cook a gourmet meal every night (once in a while?)
4) Bring about world peace.

What's that you say? My goals are too extensive. Sigh. I suppose you're right. Maybe I'll just go with the world peace one.

No. Seriously. More writing from me. Now, I just have to stop blogging and get to it!


Liz B said...

As someone who has read your stuff and loved it and cannot wait for you to get an agent and get something published, I say, who cares about a dusty house? Who cares about ironing? Write!!! Write!! Write!! 'Cause I cannot wait to see your books in the stores.

Esther said...

Yes, I agree...write...write and write :-)