Sunday, June 03, 2007

Wisdom - and do we want it?

Today is the feast of the Trinity, and in his homily today, Father Jim discussed how the Holy Spirit manifests itself as Wisdom. And how a lot of us really don't want too much wisdom.

It's true, isn't it? There are plenty of things that we "know" we should or shouldn't do - but we do what feels good to us anyway.

Should exercise: would rather sit and read or watch TV or well, just sit.
Should eat healthier: would rather have that cookie.
Should do more volunteer work: would rather have the time to ourselves.

The wisdom is out there, and we know it's out there. We just aren't always willing to utilize it.

I'm sure everyone can think of examples where this is true in their own lives. But whether we exercise or not, or eat that extra cookie, doesn't have all that much to do with our spiritual life. I'm sure, however that there are plenty of spiritual examples most people could come up with.

I know for myself, I know I should pray more, read the bible more, maybe get to daily mass more. Somehow it's much easier to come up with excuses, than to do it.

But God does provide the wisdom to us. The Holy Spirit will guide us, will show us the right way, will offer infallible advice.

The questions is: Are we brave enough to ask for this advice - and the changes we might have to make to our lives should we choose to accept it?

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