Monday, June 11, 2007

Good Mood Monday

I started this Good Mood Monday thing, and I like the idea, and I feel like I should keep it up. That said, this is just a normal crazy Monday. I'm not in that particular of a good mood. Menu planning, grocery shopping, laundry, errands. Whoop-dee-do.


Then I realized that I'm very lucky to be able to do the things I do:

Menu planning/Grocery shopping: I have options. I can chose what to feed my family for the week. I can get in my car and go to the super huge grocery store near me and get just about everything I want. And for the things that weren't on sale at that store, I can go to the other super huge grocery store near me and pick those up later in the week. Lots of things to be grateful for right there.

Laundry: I have a washer and a dryer. 'nuff said.

Errands: I needed to buy Pippi some sneakers. I can be grateful that she's growing and active and needs new things like this. I was also looking for Father's Day presents, both for my dad and my husband. I can be very happy that I have a wonderful dad and a wonderful husband (and a wonderful father-in-law, but I let my husband pick out his present.)

So, boring day so far - but now that I think about it - it's quite a good one. I hope yours is too.

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