Sunday, June 03, 2007

Rainy Day Entertainment

We were going to go to the pool today. That was the plan. That was the promise to the kids. The town pool opened this weekend, and we'd be there.

Well, the cool weather finally blew into town. But the kids still wanted to go. It looked like it was going to rain - it wasn't that hot out, but I'd promised them. So right after lunch we headed to the pool, to see if we could get in a swim before the rain started.

But it was closed.

No, I didn't have my information wrong. They'd had a problem with their pool chemicals and the water wasn't balanced right. So - no swimming.

Back home. But the afternoon wasn't a total waste, because for my birthday I got the DVD of Into the Woods. Many years ago, when Into the Woods was new to Broadway, my parents gave me and my then boyfriend (now husband) tickets to see the show as a birthday present for me. I have the album (and I do mean album - you know, the vinyl kind that comes in a big square cardboard case) and have always loved the music for this show. My kids now listen to the music and Pippi especially loves it. So when I discovered, a few weeks ago, that it was filmed once (for PBS) and available on DVD, I knew what I had to ask for for my birthday.

We had a great time watching it this rainy afternoon. I can't always take to kids to see Broadway shows, or even other live theater - but it's so nice to have something like this to be able to show them (and to see myself). Live theater is always better of course - but when you can't do that it's great to be able to "go to the video tape" - okay - DVD, but "video tape" made a better quote.

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