Friday, June 22, 2007

Poetry Friday - A Memory

I asked my daughter for a poem for today - because she's the poet in the house. And she shared this one. It's a "Memory Poem" and it's taken from the day that my mother and I took Pippi into The City (that would be New York) to go to the American Girl Place.

The Train – A Memory Poem
by Pippi

One beautiful Mother’s Day morning
We were waiting at the train station
On the huge cement platform
Seeing the amazing emerald spring trees
Clutching my soft doll tightly
Hearing a screeching train whistle
Gaping at the ebony black train
Clambering on the snaky machine
Smelling the blue seats coffee-bean smell
Feeling the cushiony seats
Saying farewell to the station
Feeling the soft, low rumble of the train
The wheels turned
The train moved up the track
New York here we come!

The round-up this week is at a wrung sponge.


Kim from Hiraeth said...

Oh, I love it!

Train rides are a special adventure for the imagination, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

That was a really great poem, Pippi and also great letters to teachers by Pippi and Harry. I am truly looking forward to a lot of awesome poetry and literature right in my own family. Then I won't have to go to the library to read the classics.


Anne K said...

Thanks for sharing the memory poem Pippi. It was great. That was my 2nd best mother's day - a trip into the city with my daughter and granddaughter. Can you guess my best Mother's Day? It was a day 10 years ago when your mother told me she was expecting you! Ammy

Christine M said...

Hey Mom, That was 11 years ago. Pippi is ten already!

cloudscome said...

Wonderful poem about such an exciting train ride. Thanks for sharing it.