Monday, March 24, 2008

100 Years Ago

One hundred years ago today fascinating things may have been happening in the world. In fact if you go to 100 years ago today (a really cool site) you can find some of them. But as far as I am concerned the most important thing that happened 100 years ago today was a little girl named Anna was born to Joseph and Anna, themselves children of German immigrants, living in Newark. She was their fourth daughter, but one of the daughters, also named Anna, had lived only a few months. So the little girl joined her two sisters, Rosemarie and Gertrude, at home.

The family lived a good life, in the shadow of the Pabst Blue Ribbon Bottle. When the 1st World War started the girls were told they were American - the German ancestry denied, in order to not be subjected to hatred from neighbors. Joseph was a jeweler, and so the three daughters never lacked for jewelry. In fact - I have both of the pieces of jewelry in the picture below - the head piece and the pearl necklace. The depression was hard on the family, and they lost a lot. The three sisters were always very careful after that to make sure that all of their money was not in one place - no sense taking chances.

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Anna grew up and married. She had one son (my Dad). And then eventually a granddaughter (that would be me). And then three grandsons. She didn't like people to know how old she was (even her sisters lost track- the sisters kept their ages a secret too - and the lengths to which they went to achieve that would make a good post someday). If she were still alive, she certainly wouldn't want people knowing that she was a hundred years old, but sadly, she died 20 years ago.

She may not be here to celebrate with us - but I still say "Happy Birthday, Grandma! Something wonderful happened 100 years ago that made the world a better place - you were born!"


PJ Hoover said...

A great tribute! Happy birthday, Anna!

HipWriterMama said...

I love how you honor your family, Chris. Lovely post.

Bill said...

Of course, I knew it was her birthday, but I hadn't realized she would have been 100 today. I guess I've been too busy obsessing about how old I will be tomorrow. (For those in the studio audience, we have a lot of March birthdays in this family.) That is a very nice tribute to your grandmother and nice pictures. I'm certain she and Grandpa are looking down through cyberspace and are very pleased indeed.


Barrie said...

I really enjoyed this post. And the link to "100 years ago"! Happy Birthday to your grandmother!

Patty P said...

Such a beautiful photo of your beautiful. We certainly have it easy compared to our grandparents. Life was hard back then. My Grandmother died a few years ago at 99 years of age. She had many stories to tell.
Nice post, Christine.