Sunday, March 09, 2008

Slice of Life

Accepting the challenge over at Two Writing Teachers, here's a Slice of Life Story for today:

The wind whipped my hair and my coat as I locked the door and headed out to the car. My husband already had the car running, and both children were buckled in.

“I think there’s going to be a thunderstorm,” my daughter said, “the way the wind is blowing like that.”

And as if to prove her right the sky lit up with a streak of lightening.

“I don’t like it,” my son said. He doesn’t like storms of any kind and would much prefer that he were inside, keeping his favorite things together and safe, than in the car heading to grandma’s house.

Another bolt of lightening flashed through the sky. And the street signs swayed in the breeze. We drove, avoiding blowing garbage cans and other debris in the road. I would have preferred to be safe inside too, but after we dropped our son off, we had a wake to attend. There are things you do, even when the weather is bad.

We got closer to grandma’s house and realized that the street lights, which had been flickering, were out. And there was a police car in the middle of the upcoming intersection. The power was out.

“Do you think the light’s will be off at grandma’s?” a nervous little boy asked.

“They might be,” we had to concede.

“I hope they are,” said our daughter, the brave big sister.

“Why? You’re not staying there,” I pointed out. She was coming to the wake with us.

“I know,” and she knows little brother is afraid of the dark. So sweet.

As we continued down the road to their house we noted that the power was still off. And then up ahead we saw street lights lit. It looked like the power was going to be on at grandma’s house after all.

“Whew,” said a very relieved little boy.

Now as we drove down the streets, although the wind still raged, the houses were lit from within, porch lights were on, all was right with the world.

Then we got to grandma’s street. There was an emergency vehicle blocking the end of the road. Looking down the street we saw a smoke and flashes of light. We stopped and told the emergency workers that we were only going a couple of houses in and they let us by.

Grandma and Grandpa were in their driveway, in front of a dark house, looking at the live wire that had fallen in the street a few houses up the road. Sparks were flying, it looked like a fireball attached to a string in the middle of the street.

Our son hurried into the house. He didn’t care if the house was dark, he’d rather be there, than out here looking at a wire on fire. Our daughter wasn’t feeling so brave anymore, she hurried back into the car. “That’s the scariest thing I’ve ever seen,” she said as we continued on our way to the wake.


Jane Swanson said...

Oh, I really enjoyed your story and the way you shared your children's personalities.
Looking forward to reading more of your slices.
~jane S

BK said...

It's so much easier for me to change plans in the moment. Harder when more people are involved. I'm right with your son and I agree with Jane, it was a great way to share the uniqueness of your children's personalities with great conflict.

GirlGriot said...

Wow. I'm glad you and your family were ok and hope no one else was hurt. Great slice!

kkolshorn said...

Live wires down are no fun. The end of my sister's driveway shows the scarred tree aftermath real well. Oh, and go check out Maybe then you will understand my blog from today. I could only imagine what the author of that blog could come up with about me.

Barb, sfo said...

Was that on the news? My mom (north Jersey) was talking about how that happened somewhere up there on Saturday!

Christine M said...

Barb, I don't think it was on the news. I think even further north of us there was a lot more of this kind of thing. A lot of people are still without power today apparently.