Thursday, March 13, 2008

Having A Voice in Your Writing

Every writer knows (and readers know this too) how important it is to have a 'voice' in your writing. A unique style that shows who wrote it. A certain feel to a writing that make it comes alive. It's hard to teach and some people have it - and some have more trouble with it.

Eleven-year-old Pippi has no trouble with it.

We were at conferences yesterday with her math and language arts teacher (together.) Her language arts teacher told us that Pippi really has 'voice' in her writing. In fact she has Pippi read her work aloud to the class to demonstrate what 'voice' is in writing.

Her math teacher nodded. "Oh yes. She has voice," she says with meaning "You should see the little comments she leaves in her math homework."

Ah - to have voice and to know how to use it!


PJ Hoover said...

Yeah, I'm thinking we need to start recording our children and transcribe what they say.

ukok said...

Oh yes, our childrens books, particularly their text books can be dead giveaways! The inside back cover of one of my sons books is covered with grafitti and pictures hes's drawn of ogres and beasts..they really are quite spectacular, but the teachers just don't aprecitae his talent somehow ;-)

Patty P said...

I LOVE your daughter's name, Pippi. So cute!
Sounds like you too are a busy writer/mom. Sometimes it's hard to balance life and writing but it sure is fun trying.

Christine M said...

Pippi is her blog name - but her real name is cute too :)

kkolshorn said...

I can only imagine considering how much she loves math what those comments are.