Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Family Blogathon

Or the family that blogs together - leaves comments together?


I seem to have started a trend in my family. My kids started their own blogs - which are invitation only to protect their privacy (though I'll share their titles because I think they are cool: Pippi's is Bliss and Harry's is Four Sports and Seven Years Ago), and then I convinced my Dad to start a blog. He got into it and started two. The first is A Dram of Scotch, A Kayak and A Tablesaw. (His title was inspired by Liz's blog A Chair, A Fireplace and A Tea Cozy - but he put the drink first so there would be no confusion - though to be honest, a tea cozy isn't a drink, is it?) His second is Barrister Bill where he writes profound thoughts on legal matters (not to be confused with legal advice)

My mother decided she wanted in on the act, so she started Morning Glory Alley - inspired by the beautiful flowers (especially morning glories) that she cultivates in her little part of the world.

Then I asked my sister in law (who is a frequent commenter) when she was going to start a blog. She told me she already had one. What! I wasn't informed? So now I know it's called add two to the mix and she is writing more frequently.

And then I got a surprise, her husband, my youngest brother started his own blog: Full Immersion.

And today I have not been the first person commenting on these blogs. And I'm being called a comment slacker. Well, humph. So here's a real big comment. Yay to all of you for starting blogs and joining the wonderful blogosphere! Welcome!

Oh - and my husband doesn't have a blog - and judging by the very proud way he mentioned that when I was saying how many in the family did - I don't think he plans to start one any time soon.


Esther said...

Chris, Wow! I am impressed by your family. That is terrific!!

kkolshorn said...

Well, I can see why someone would be impressed by me...oh wait that was for the whole family. I also would like to point out that a certain someone gave herself the name comment slacker. I was more than willing to go for the whole just slacking thing. I think Adrian should start a blog. I also think that Peter should start one. Now, that one may give us all a run for his money. Also, there appears to be a certain one immersed in the notion he has the best blog. Since there are many readers here, I would make the suggestion that they head on over to all and form their own opinions.