Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shall We Joust?

The kids want to take up jousting.

I'm not sure where you go to learn such a skill. Personally I think they should stick to the more modern activities already on the schedule, but I'm just the mom, what do I know.

And why do they suddenly think jousting would be a good sport to learn?

Because we had dinner at Medieval Times today.

For those of you not familiar with this restaurant/entertainment venue, it's a unique experience. I believe there are nine of them throughout the country. You see, when you enter the castle it is like stepping back in time to the 11th century (an 11th century that included paper crowns and lots of souvenirs for sale).

The dinner seating surrounds an arena where a whole production involving knights on horseback takes place. There is jousting and sword fighting and all sorts of fun things to watch while you eat your food. Oh - and while the Pepsi may not be truly Medieval, the method of eating is. You see - eating with utensils is a sign of witch craft. So fingers are used. (Harry quite enjoyed having no one tell him to use his fork - "use the fork, Luke" is a common refrain at our dinner table).

So we drank our soup and ate our chicken and spare ribs with our fingers while cheering on the red and yellow knight (we knew he was our knight because that was the color of our paper crown.)

This was a family outing to celebrate my Mom's birthday and she has pictures of the group at her blog.

I still think Jousting lessons are out of the question.


PJ Hoover said...

Kelly may be able to help you with this one. Kelly?

Christine M said...

I was totally thinking about Kelly while we were there!

Barb, sfo said...

Oh yikes, Middle Sister is going there on her field trip in May. Big Brother has already gone. I do remember an increased interest in things joust-related after his trip, come to think of it....

Why not just buy them the Guild Wars computer game and let them joust virtually? :)

Esther said...

Is this the one in East Rutherford? My sister used to work there. We have been to it a few times to visit her. It was fun seeing the behind the scenes preps.

Christine M said...

Yes, Esther, it is the one in East Rutherford.

And Barb, I'm hoping that their "jousts" with their light sabers will get it out of their system.

Kelly said...

Jousting, you say?