Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another Birthday

Yesterday when I checked the calendar - no family birthdays. That's not true today. I don't have any old pictures to share this time, because the birthday girl is my sister-in-law.

I have three brothers. Three younger brothers. And when growing up I could never quite get over the idea of feeling a bit cheated out of having a sister (couldn't one of them have been a girl - you know - 2 and 2 - and then I could have had bunk beds!). But you know, all my brothers are really great, and I wouldn't trade them for anything (if you had asked me that when I was about twelve you would have gotten a different answer, I'm sure), and the thing is - they all married great girls.

So now I have three sisters-in-laws. And all three of them are people that I am really glad I know and people that I am thrilled are part of the family.

Happy Birthday, Patti!

And I don't have a picture of her to share - but here's the two little ones she spends her days running after!
Next family birthday in two days. They just keep coming!


kkolshorn said...

I have to wait to add my picture. Leo has it downloaded on his computer and he has to show me how to do it. Yeah, the posts that should come out of the next birthday could become quite interesting. I am already working on mine.

Kelly said...

Wow, what a month, Chris! (But aren't those babies sweet as pie?)