Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Candles on the Cake

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There will be more candles on the cake this year. Well, there would be if we put one candle per year on our cakes in our family (it tends to be a bit more random - like how many candles my Mom can find).

This little boy, my Dad, my kids Grampy, is all grown up and celebrating another birthday today. As he said in the comments yesterday, there are a lot of birthdays in our family in March. You can wish him a happy day at his blog (and while you're there learn all about table saws and scotch and kayaks, though you'd probably learn more about kayaks at my brother's blog.)

Happy Birthday, Dad!


Bill said...

Oh Christine, this isn't the easiest birthday for me, but, I was thinking, if I din't have my birthday today...well, let's not think about that and I will be glad that I'm here.

I was touched today because I got an email birthday card from a distillery in Scotland. All of the workers were standing outside smiling. I guess they did that just for me because they had my name and age on it. This is the same distillery that gave me the square foot of land and all I did was to buy one bottle of their Scotch. Maybe I should buy another bottle.

Anyway, instead of bemoaning my age, I should be thankful for all of my blessings including a loving wife, wonderful children and children-in-law and super duper grandkids. I am truly thankful for those people.


PJ Hoover said...

The cake looks yummy. Think anyone will share?