Monday, March 10, 2008

Slice of Life - Daylight Savings Time

Just whose brilliant idea was this to mess with our internal clocks twice a year?

I rolled over and looked at my clock. 6:45. Past time to get up and out of bed. But my mind kept telling me – it’s really only 5:45, you shouldn’t have to get up yet. But I did. I got up, and showered and dressed and made the kids lunches. Then it was time to wake them.

My son is usually wide awake before I ever have to wake him up, but that was not the case today. He was sleeping so peacefully that I hated to disturb him – he so seldom sleeps. I shook his arm gently and said “it’s time to get up.” He opened one eye and looked at me sleepily. I’d leave him to adjust to the idea of getting out of bed. Time to wake his sister.

My daughter is not a teenager yet – but she’s practicing teen sleep patterns by protesting vociferously whenever we tell her she must leave her bed. I was not looking forward to waking her today. I went up the half flight of steps to her room and before I even got to her bed my son was behind me – how did he bound out of bed so quickly? “Can I play on the computer?” he wanted to know.

“Just get dressed first.” At least he was up and would be ready for school.

Now on to the girl. A gentle nudge “time to get up.” Nothing. No movement. No response. Another gentle nudge. “You have to get up.” A few more nudges and I left her to adjust to the idea.

Five minutes later I was back; she hadn’t moved. I removed her covers and nudged her a few more times.

A few minutes later I went back again. I removed her covers again and repeated that she had to get up. This time I got a response. “No! I don’t want to go to school!”

I sent her father up for the next attempt.

Finally she got up. I heard her crying and moaning in the bathroom. How unfair it is. She’s too tired. She shouldn’t have to go to school. Time changes stink. Etc. etc.

She came downstairs for breakfast. “Do I have to go to school?” she asked again, “I’m going to be in a mood all day.”

I handed her a toasted bagel. “Yes. And if you’re going to be in a bad mood – I’d prefer you be in one at school rather than here!”

Maybe tomorrow will be better.


Barb, sfo said...

SO true.
I think they should outlaw this failed experiment in energy conservation. I'm going to be messed up for a week.

Kevin said...

My students (11 and 12 year olds) were completely messed up all day, thanks to the time change. (Of course, the stomach flu making the rounds didn't help either)

Jane Swanson said...

Oh I was just complaining about this same thing and how it messes me up for WAY longer than a week! A great slice that depicts life in MANY homes today!
~jane S

kkolshorn said...

Actually, they did a study on this. It takes at least two weeks for the body to adjust to the time change in the spring. In the fall, the body does not require any adjustment time. These are the things one learns when they have a sleep disorder and are up all hours of the night. Yes, there was a documentary on television last night.

Kelly said...

My poor daughter too, Chris!! (I made her brother wake her, though.)

And, I just saw your note re: testing. Not a good move...

Christine M said...

Oh, her brother wanted to wake her. Started running toward her room with an ice pack. He was stopped by his father!

GirlGriot said...

I was pretty thrown off by the time change today, too. Somehow I never have this problem in the fall when we set our clocks back!

Jane said...

I agree with girlgriot- I like the Fall Back much better!