Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Flying the Coop

Mere moments after I took this picture, while I watched from the window inside the house, these two birds flew away. I saw their first flight. I knew the one standing taller in this picture was ready to fly. I was surprised that they both took off at the same time. I was even more surprised when the first bird flew right at the window screen (which thankfully I had lowered a moment before - I had opened it in the hopes of a better picture). He grabbed at the screen with his feet and clung there for a second - as I stood on the other side too surprised to do much. His brother had flown away with no obstacles. After a few seconds, the first bird flew away also. They leave a sibling in the nest. The third bird seems quite content to have all that space to himself.

Now - the question is - do these robins return to the nest tonight. I guess I'll find out!
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Anonymous said...

What a great photo! How wonderful to have witnessed their first flight. I wish I had a nearby nest to watch. I am here from the Sunday Garden Stroll. Enjoy your evening!